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Eco Heat Systems

The Eco Heat Systems website offers you information about the effect heating emissions have on the environment and the heating product options available to improve the energy efficiency of home heating systems.

Boiler Efficiency

The average household boiler accounts for around 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions produced in a typical gas home. If your home is 15years old or more it is highly likely that it contains a G-Rated boiler system. Compared to the more widely used A-rated boilers that are popular today the G-rated boiler system is a massive 70% less energy efficient, which would result in releasing over a tonne more CO2 emissions into the atmosphere each year. This information has prompted the government to introduce the Boiler Srappage scheme.

Boiler Scrappge Scheme

This scheme offers a number of suitable households (homes with G-rated boilers) a government grant with which to by a new, more efficient A-rated boiler to heat their homes. Each household with the opportunity to do this would be able to make significant savings on heating bills of up to £235 a year. The obvious savings and reduction of the home’s carbon footprint is what has made the boiler scrappage scheme a success. 

Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers re-use the heat that would normally escape from the non-condensing boilers through the systems flue, making them far more efficient and the more common option for installation. Fossil fuels such as gas release a lot vapour. This vapour would be released by a normal boiler, were as a condensing boiler cools it before releasing, transferring the heat and retaining it within the system.

Combination Boilers

There are two types of condensing boiler. A combination boiler gives you instant hot from the system without the need for a cylinder to heat it. The regular condensing boilers are reliant on a cylinder within the mechanism to heat the water.

Not all home homes are compatible with combination boilers, however a qualified technician will inform you which type of boiler, regular or combination, is most suitable for your home.

Heat Pump Boilers

Manufactures are constantly being encouraged to develop the technology of air conditioning systems to reduce the heating and cooling costs and lower energy consumption.

An air conditioning system that extracts heat from a space would normally achieve an energy efficiency of up to 4.0 COP. This statistic can be improved to over 6.0 COP by using the heat pump boiler system which recovers the heat and uses it to heat up the water in the system.